71% Of Americans Want A Smarter Home But Find The Upgrade Too Expensive

A survey by home automation company Wink involving 2,177 adults found that 71% of Americans want a smart home and its monitoring capabilities.

smart home image with icons

The positive sentiment towards smart homes isn’t surprising. After all, who wouldn’t want their lights, thermostats, refrigerators, and security systems to do all the mundane work? However, the same survey found that only 27% of Americans purchased a smart home device. Continue reading “71% Of Americans Want A Smarter Home But Find The Upgrade Too Expensive”

Self-Healing Smartphones? Yes, Please!

We all hate scratched and cracked screens. But the latest word from scientists from 2 of the top-ranking colleges in the US suggests the end of the annoying problem.

Chemists from the University of California and University of Colorado have developed a new material that’s sure to catch the attention of many industries. It is transparent, conductive, and able to stretch up to 50 times of its original length.

And the best part:

The material self-heals. Continue reading “Self-Healing Smartphones? Yes, Please!”