Self-Healing Smartphones? Yes, Please!

We all hate scratched and cracked screens. But the latest word from scientists from 2 of the top-ranking colleges in the US suggests the end of the annoying problem.

Chemists from the University of California and University of Colorado have developed a new material that’s sure to catch the attention of many industries. It is transparent, conductive, and able to stretch up to 50 times of its original length.

And the best part:

The material self-heals.

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Yes! You’ve read that right. It shrugs off damage and brings its torn pieces back together. Expect this new development in the field of advanced materials to see countless applications in robotics, consumer electronics, and other industries.

But what I’m most excited about:

This rubber-like material may spell the end of scratched and cracked smartphone screens!

“Creating a material with all these properties has been a puzzle for years. We did that and now are just beginning to explore the applications,” said Dr. Chao Wang, one of the study’s leading researchers.  

Oh! And he happens to be a huge fan of the Wolverine, the X-Men famous for his near-immortality and self-healing powers.

Dr. Wang and his team put the material to test several times, keeping a close eye on its self-repairing capabilities. The material was torn in half in one of the experiments. But it only took 24 hours to repair itself, and it did so without any interference from the research team.

If you’d like to learn more about this exciting development and reading highly technical papers is your thing, here’s the research paper published in the journal Advanced Materials.

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